Project objective

Webiste objective: aggregate all the popular city locations on one site.

Business objectives: increase the number of website users, boost orders and attract more partners.

User objectives: user-friendly locations search and quick choice of meals.

My role

UХ/UI research

The website's interface and design have been developed from scratch

Work process


Prototypes creation enables to create a more user-friendly and thoughtful interface. Before the design work started, similar Russian and foreign services have been analyzed. In total, prototypes for 8 website pages have been developed.

Home Page

The initial version of the website home page included a banner placed in the first screen zone, which would attract the attention of users, but this idea was abandoned in favor of informational content. Various content options have also been offered: promotions and special offers, meals and restaurants ratings.

Inner Pages

In total, 10 internal pages have been developed (restaurant selection, food choice, 2 shopping cart options, personal account, feedback page, page with information about food locations, restaurant rating, promotional page for attracting website partners, as well as a food search page.

Section for Partners


In a couple of months from its launch, more than 46 food locations have joined the project.

More than 2,600 people have already used the website services.

Achievements within a 4 year period:

  • Number of orders delivered: 629,100
  • Number of users: 101,600
  • Number of partners: 85

The company has recently made the website’s redesign