Project objective

Increase traffic and sales

Boost conversion rate

Make the website’s new corporate identity meet the target market requirements

My role

UX/CX research

Web analytics

Web development

Project management

Before redesign, the website had an extremely low conversion rate (less than 1%)

Work process

Home Page

The target market are basically young ladies. Therefore, the delicate pastel shades for the website palette have been chosen with bright turquoise and gold as accent colors. The home page structure has been maintained to the full so that not to lose SEO rankings. Also, banners with promotions, bestsellers and top products have been added.

Website’s Adaptive Design and Mobile Version

Menu navigation has been significantly improved; it was revealed that buyers often search for products by brand, so each product page now displays a brand name.

Every product page now also has a section with the company advantages, product information (its characteristics, description and reviews) has been displayed in a space saving way thanks to layout switcher, the browsing history has also been added and the “Recommended” section renamed to the “You May Also Like” one.

To increase the average bill, the shopping cart now has a “Recently Viewed” section and “… rubles left for free shipping” indicator (free shipping starts from 3,000 rubles).