Project objective

Implement functionality of attracting new users to the application

Increase app engagement

Raise the number of active users

My role

Client briefing

Target market research

UX / CX research

App design development

Project presentation

Problem: Poor application usage; users basically check the balance and phone records.

Work process

Parts of research:

  • Target Market Interviewing
  • User Groups and Typical Marketing Personas
  • User Pain Points
  • Competitors
  • Global Benchmarking
  • Trends
  • Mobile App Engagement Leaders
  • UX / UI TrendsConclusions

Tariff Customization

Constructor that replaces a complex tariff system by enabling to change the number of minutes, SMS messages and gigabytes

Ability to turn off SMS messages, minutes, Internet and services, thus to pay only for actual usage

Beeline had a faceless robot that answered all the messages; however, users prefer communicating with people, not the company or bots.

It was therefore decided to revise a technical support section by:

-Adding tech support icon on the toolbar
-Adding ability to attach error reporting screenshots
-Adding employee’s name and photo (make separation between bots and people)


Inbuilt tamagotchi – completion of online missions: grow racoon, feed it and receive gifts for each level passed

Missions – completion of real life tasks, e.g.:
-Congratulate 5 friends on the holiday
-Top up the grandmother’s / child’s balance

Completion rewards


Beeline has corrected all errors dicovered as part of the research

The company has adopted all research ideas